1. How to install the service?

    The service can be installed through Google Apps Marketplace™. Find the listing of the service -PROVIDE DEFINITIVE LISTING URL HERE- and using the domain registration box as shown next, enter your domain and follow the on-screen instructions.

  2. Once installed, how can I administrate the servive?

    Go to your domain Control Panel and find the Marketplace Apps Section, as shown in the next picture. There you'll find all the administration related options.

    Among these options you will find a link to go to a section in the application that contains specific options for you domain.

  3. Can I test the service before pay for it?

    Yes, sure! There is a test period and it is completely FREE!

  4. How should I pay for the service?

    Please see our section about payment. There you will find details on prices, and payment terms.

    Prices and Payment Terms

  5. Is there a limit in the number or size of messages that can be downloaded?

    There is no limit, you can download every message from your inbox despite of its size.

  6. Would I be notified about my subscription status?

    Yes. Your subscription status is monitored frequently and you will be notified by email when it is about to expire.

    Once it is expired you will receive a few message about that fact too. If you does not take any actions, these notifications will stop in a few days.

  7. Will my GMail service be affected in any way if I does not renew my subscription?

    No, an expired subscription will not affect the way you use GMail except for the fact that you will not be able to download messages from GMail using our service.

  8. Can you please translate the UI elements to my local language?

    Yes, Sure!

    Please let us know about your needs and we will do our best.

  9. Can I receive a printable invoice for the service's costs?


    We can send a printable invoice via email. Please let us know that you need one and we will send one to you.